and now delhi. red fort, parliament building, president’s house, india gate, gandhi sites, and indira gandhi’s house.

onto agra! first the baby taj and then the taj mahal! truly majestic. didn’t receive the princess diana treatment, though.

more from varanasi! those pure enough not to be burned at the river, but swaddled in cloth and thrown in: children, pregnant women, holy men. when death by cobra bite, you are stretched onto a bamboo raft, with your address attached to your neck, with hopes that you will encounter a medicine man downstream who is strong enough to bring you back to life and to send you back home.

varanasi! one of the holiest cities in the world—sitting on the ganga (ganges), this town is also popular for cremations along the river. we watched a hindu ceremony, which takes place each evening to give thanks to the ganga. LOVED our hotel with a great view and met great people there. didn’t take a dip. was too wary of the fact that one liter of this river has 100 billion microbes, compared to the european union maximum of 50 for swimming waters.

Traffic bad? Try an auto-rickshaw in India! Weave through anything and comes with singing driver.

Fast friends! Representing Spain, France, Mexico, South Africa, and the U.S.

Our first leg of our trip to India, with our bags strapped to the top of our bus.

And finally we’ve arrived to Pokhram, Nepal, a lakeside town, where we’ll relax until we journey all the way south to India.

 my jump! found the courage on impulse and decided to do the longest freefall in the world. quite a rush. and notice my body resisting. if you hold a puppy over water, it nows to kick. if you hold a human over death, it tries kicking in hope of defying gravity. instincts.